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Whatcha doing in the offseason: Andrew Wenger

Andrew Wenger shares with us his off-season plans.

Richard Wolowicz

MRS : Where do you call home during the off season?

Andrew Wenger: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

MRS : What does your offseason training program look like? Is there anything specific that you will be working on?

Nothing in particular. It will involve the team fitness program and some pick up games with some of the Philadelphia Union players.

MRS : What activity are looking forward to the most during the offseason?

Just spending some time at home to relax and unwind.

MRS : Have you set any goals for yourself heading into next season?

look to improve on the successes I had in 2012 and bring more of an impact to the team.

MRS : What is your favorite moment of the 2012 season?

Either the first game in Montreal at the Big O or scoring my first goal against Toronto at the Big O.

MRS : What are your hobbies/interests outside of Soccer?

I have been playing a lot of golf in an unsuccessful attempt to improve my game. I also enjoy reading books.

MRS : Favorite non-MLS team/league? Why?

Manchester United, very cliché but the team I watched when I was young.

MRS : Which team do you think will win the Champions' League? Why?

Manchester United, they will win it every year.