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2012 Montreal Impact Passing Matrix

It's time for your inner-geek to feed himself/herself with stats and numbers with the 2012 Montreal Impact Passing Matrix.

Eric Bolte-US PRESSWIRE posted its 2012 Montreal Impact review including data from Opta that shows the scope of passing in the squad. A link is also available to download the excel sheet here.

Passing Matrix

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle was created on May 26th 2012 and it was basically the key to the Montreal Impact offensive success. The mid-season turnaround saw Patrice Bernier and Collen Warner aligned as 2 CMF/DMF and Felipe Martins with the playmaker/offensive midfielder role. The passing matrix reflects the importance of that trio in numbers.

  • Patrice Bernier passed the ball 138 times to Felipe Martins & 102 times to Collen Warner.
  • Collen Warner passed the ball 102 times to Felipe Martins & 141 times to Patrice Bernier.
  • Felipe Martins passed the ball 104 times to Patrice Bernier & 90 times to Collen Warner.
Crossing-wise, Felipe Martins leads the team with 23 successful crosses, combining accuracy on the ground and in the air. In total passes, he complete the top three at 980 passes as Patrice Bernier leads the pack with 1199 passes and Collen Warner is #2 with 1045 passes.

You had at look at the numbers. What was your most surprising stat? disappointing?

Numbers do not tell all of the story but some of that data is obviously indicative of a trend, tendency. How about some more outside back offensive support in 2013?