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Mount Royal Soccer wants your input for the 2012 Montreal Impact Player Review

Democracy 2.0 is upon us and Mount Royal Soccer is calling upon fans and readers to participate in the player review that Mount Royal Soccer will be doing.

Francois Laplante/FreestylePhoto

In the next few weeks, player-by-player review will be posted. With all the writers of Mount Royal Soccer that will be giving their comments on the players, we want to hear your voice, tally your vote.

A template review will be written up by Mount Royal Soccer with different information on the player and each MRS writer will add-in his comments on the player. We will also include the best comment in the review article to give a voice to the fans. We will also tally a fan-only grade that we will ask you to give each player.

If you want to participate in the voting, please email and you will receive more emails on the voting process and taking note of your comments.