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Montreal Impact takes a pass in waiver draft, so does rest of the league

The complicated, confusing and seemingly useless draft is still a thing

MLS: Montreal Impact at Real Salt Lake Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

None of the MLS clubs made a selection in the 2016 MLS Waiver Draft and that obviously includes the Montreal Impact.

The financial risk for clubs to pick up a player does not make sense and the choices were not that great. It was highly unlikely to see Lucas Ontivero picked up by a MLS club with his high salary. Though, players not picked in the waiver draft can re-negotiate with their current clubs...and make less money. Just great.

I do exaggerate a tad when I crown the waiver draft as useless knowing that MLS clubs have used it to (re)sign players. It is just yet another archaic-looking and complicated for my accountancy-allergic mind.