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CJAD 800 AM and Mount Royal Soccer at Half-Time : Soccer Gang Of 4

Sofiane Benzaza and Giovanni Sardo join Rick Moffat and Grant Needham of CJAD 800 AM during half-time of the game between the Montreal Impact and Toronto FC.

Sofiane Benzaza

The Soccer Gang Of 4 was born on Saturday March 16th 2013 in the CJAD 800 AM booth at the Olympic Stadium. In a faceoff of debates and friendly soccer talk, Rick Moffat , Grant Needham , Sofiane Benzaza and Giovanni Sardo talk Montreal Impact and MLS.

CJAD 800 AM is the official English home game broadcaster of the Montreal Impact. Follow play-by-play man Rick Moffat and Analyst Grant Needham on twitter. Joey Alfieri is the reporter on the ground for all Impact home games.

Click here to listen to the Soccer Gang Of 4 with Rick and Grant of CJAD 800 AM as they are joined by Sofiane and Giovanni of Mount Royal Soccer.