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Montreal Impact : " This is one of the most epic meltdowns in MLS History " Simon Borg

The truth hurts and Simon Borg says it like it is. This quote and the way it is said really captures what has happened with the Montreal Impact lately.

MLSSoccer is doing a great service to the brodcast of excellent soccer content on the web. As it tries to connect to as many fans of the game as it can, the MLS playoff coverage has been fun to follow and will continue to be. With a live pre-game and post-game coverage, Simon Borg, Jason Saghini and Cory Gibbs talk about the Montreal Impact meltdown against the Houston Dynamo.

The Montreal Impact also decided to break a new record in MLS history: no team in MLS has ever gotten 3 red cards. That rarely happens in most games.

Do you agree with Simon Borg?