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Impact Supporter Groups Issue Statement

Fans demand restoration of ‘Impact’ name.

Impact de Montreal fans continue to campaign for the restoration of the ‘Impact’ name to their club.

The entire community of Impact de Montreal supporters’ groups today issued a joint statement calling for the restoration of the Impact name to Montreal’s football club.

The statement can be seen in full (below)...

Statement issued today by all Supporter Groups if Impact de Montreal

Declaring their love of soccer and for their club, the fans aimed their message at the CF Montreal organization, making it aware in no uncertain terms that they are unanimously opposed to the identity change announced on January 14, 2021.

Annoyance amongst the fans continues to build. They feel the club’s history has been ‘trampled’ and their statement appears also to target the new logo as a visual that has opened up their club to ridicule.

The second paragraph of today’s statement ends with the sentence; ‘We are fundamentally and vehemently opposed to this identity change, which in our opinion, doesn’t at all represent us.’

The amalgamation of supporter groups behind the statement ( understands that every IMFC supporter group is included) also asserts strongly that despite media reportage to the contrary, no supporter group was ever consulted over the re-branding.

Each of the eight signatory groups say they are committed taking a series of actions... ‘until the football club reconsiders its decision and the name Impact de Montreal is restored.