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Impact Defenders: Who is Best Suited at Centre Back

The Montreal Impact have seen many different faces rotate through the central defence position in 2016. Who is best suited to lead from the back in the home stretch of the MLS season?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

With the MLS All-Star game taking place on Wednesday night, it gives Mount Royal Soccer a chance to pause and think about the season the Impact have had up to this point in 2016. While a lot of the focus during the last month has been on bulking up the midfield and trying to figure out who will succeed Didier Drogba next season, there has been zero discussion regarding the defence; and specifically the central defensive position.

Last week Mount Royal Soccer contributor Noah Markowicz looked at the central defensive position as being a real concern going forward for this team, as specifically their ability to defend set pieces.

Here is a quick break down of who has featured at the central back position for the Impact in 2016:

  • Victor Cabrera: 16 games played - 15 games started - 1340 minutes played - 17 fouls committed - 3 yellow cards
  • Hassoun Camara (1 as centre-back): 15 games played - 14 games started - 1169 minutes played - 24 fouls committed - 4 yellow cards
  • Laurent Ciman: 14 games played - 14 games started - 1224 minutes played - 10 fouls committed - 1 yellow card
  • Kyle Fisher: 1 game played - 1 game started - 90 minutes played - 0 fouls committed - 0 yellow cards
  • Wandrille Lefèvre: 10 games played - 9 games started - 856 minutes - 11 fouls committed - 1 yellow card

The central defensive position is an area which has seen different faces fill in almost every weekend for the last little while. With Ciman and Lefevre still currently injured, and Camara having one of his best games of the season last weekend against the Philadelphia Union, who is the best combo to lead the Impact into the home stretch of the season?