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Didier Drogba's Foundation investigated by Charity Commission


Tim Whitby/Getty Images

An incendiary report from the Daily Mail is claiming that Didier Drogba's foundation is not investing the bulk of its donations towards the actual causes. To quote he UK newspaper, it " found less than 1 per cent of the cash it raised in the UK has gone to good causes."

There is no fraud, no corruption, no mismanagement and no lies.-- Didier Drogba

The basic claim is as follows

  • £1.7 million was received by Drogba's foundation  from stars, royalty, business people.
  • Only £14,115 went to good causes.

The player did not waste time to challenge the Daily Mail's and describing their journalistic practices as "irresponsible"

His current club, the Montreal Impact, communicated on the situation and stands behind the player's humanitarian work and input into the community, as Didier Drogba has been active almost as soon as he landed in Montreal.

Since the initial article from the Daily Mail and Didier Drogba's statement, it was made official that the UK Charity Commission is looking into the claims made by the paper.