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Montreal Impact fans need to support their team like never before

Stop being so negative. The team needs us more than ever.

If you are a Montreal Impact fan like I am, then the 2014 season and even the end of 2013 was really hard for you. Seeing an empty Saputo Stadium on Di Vaio's last game confirmed even more how bad things were really going. We all had our frustrations and ups and downs (more downs).

There were endless bad comments on Twitter and Facebook about the team and how every management person should be out and that the Impact was a real joke. But yet we had one of the promising teams in 2012-2013, a sold out stadium and talk of the town.

Boy the future was bright!

But what happened? It's hard to say exactly, everyone has their own opinion and story. Today, we are not here to discuss this. On their off-season, the Impact have been hard at work to restructure themselves and make all the necessary changes.

A few signings have joined the team and among them: Donny Toia, Marco Donadel, Nigel Reo-Coker, Bakary Soumare, Victor Cabrera, Eric Kronberg, Romario Williams and just recently a new DP central defender Laurent Ciman from Belgium.

And it's still not over and more good things are bound to happen. I know as much as the club that no one wants to repeat last season! This is 2015 and change is coming. One thing for sure, as Montrealers, we are certainly very proud sports fans. We do not accept defeat, we all want the glory restored. Don't worry. I have a plan.

Once the dust lifts off and Montreal begins to emerge, all those badmouthers will be right back on the bandwagon! We are going to see the Stadium with 20K attendance again!

I am confident in the management and the players and that everything is behind us now. We have new players & staff and Frank Klopas has all the tools as his disposal to make it happen and most importantly a fresh and fair start.

It's all up to the players and the coach now to step up and give us their 120%!

So whats the plan?

During this off-season, as true fans, we must keep wearing the "Bleu-Blanc-Noir". It is -25C outside and in support, I wear my #IMFC scarf and tuque, proudly wearing it every day, knowing that my team will once again prevail!

IMFC Fans need to support their team like never before.

Sure, it's easy to complain about the wrongs and threaten to give up on them but that's not going to solve anything. I have realized it to be more productive to take this situation and motivate myself and others around me and to stop being so negative. The team needs us more than ever.

As an #IMFC troop, you also need to step up your game!

Sure we cannot win games for them, but changes are already happening and the future looks good! So we all need to get this bandwagon rolling again: Wear the colors, talk about #IMFC positively, support your team by sending players encouragement on Twitter, leave positive comments on the the Impact Facebook page, go see the Pachuca match!

Attend all the season opener matches. Do what ever you can to get their attention!

If we all unite together and rally to support our team, this will send a strong positive vibe to the squad!

I am constantly being asked about individuals. The only way to win is as a team. Football is not about one or two or three star players - Pele