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Wanyama And The MLS Plane...

... so what really did happen?

Montreal Impact v DC United
Victor Wanyama didn’t miss with this blockbusting header, but did he miss the plane?
Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

So what really did happen to prevent Victor Wanyama catching the plane back to north America after the last international break?

Whatever it was, Montreal Impact doesn’t seem to want their public to know. And the information vacuum is leading to speculation some of which may be closely accurate, while most loose-talk is probably well wide of the mark.

Repeatedly the question has been asked, most recently over the weekend to Sporting Director, Olivier Renard on Friday evening and to his assistant Vassali Cremanzidis the following morning, by Joey Alfieri on TSN690.

Both men remained tight-lipped on the issue, refusing to comment.

How bad could it be?

Probably the worst possible scenario is that the player, not wanting to play in New England after a couple of tough matches with his national team decided to spend a couple of days with family in Kenya.

But you’d have thought had this been the case, the club at least would’ve announced the player’s unavailability through injury.

Perhaps Wanyama’s motivation has waned and he feels less inclined towards extending his time in MLS, although his performance and goal celebration against DC United would lead observers to believe otherwise.

Could he simply have been tired after two gruelling matches captaining his national side, and felt unable to give his best to Montreal so soon after, with a trans-Atlantic flight on top of all that? But again, if this were the case, would the club not have simply announced Wanyama was injured.

Or was it that somehow, Covid-related, Wanyama stepped out of whatever bubble he was supposed to be in?

Did he simply miss the plane, or through an administrative blip was his name was omitted from the manifest?

Given his second games was in Comoros, a relatively remote location off the east coast of Africa, were the logistics of getting Wanyama to the MLS aircraft on time, too onerous, or impossible?

Whatever the reason, it looks for the time-being the episode will remain a mystery and that’s a concern to Impact fans who buy season-tickets, deserve better and have become suspicious given the lack of transparency from the club.

Over to you, Montreal Impact.