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Latest on CJAD 800 AM : Too late to Manage Expectations

My latest for CJAD 800's Montreal Impact blog focuses on the slump the Montreal Impact is going through and some ideas on how to take it on. Managing expectations is a 2012 concept and is not in the 2013 vocabulary for the Montreal Impact.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

Marco Schallibaum was brought to win and take the Montreal Impact to the next level. With a few games in hand early in the season, the Impact were flirting with the best teams in MLS. From MLS Standings to Power Rankings, Montreal was a top MLS club and deservedly so.

But a 10-game slump, in which the Impact only won twice, has cast a shadow on Stade Saputo. Any kind of positive momentum is needed to get the team back on track. But this time, expectations have sky rocketed since 2012. Or have they really?

Schallibaum knows what he needs to do to stay in Montreal to continue to have success in Montreal: Vittoria.

The full article can be read here on the CJAD 800 AM Montreal Impact blog.

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