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Should CF Montréal Emulate Toronto’s Recruitment Strategy?

A discussion as one team moves and one sits by.

MLS: CF Montreal at Seattle Sounders FC Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

A wild week for one of Canada’s MLS teams as Toronto FC has been moving players on as Alejandro Pozuelo now plays for Inter Miami, Insigne is inbound as is Bernardeschi and Criscito. Montreal and its fans have to be looking at it like where are we in this picture?

The tweet above is why I’ve written this piece and even though the realities for both clubs is different as MTL is top 3, while Toronto is 12th. The thought of a French similar to Insigne, Beran and others make sense, but it has been done before. Take Bojan just recently, not exactly a hit, but something similar.

The one white whale is of course somehow convincing Antoine Griezmann to come to Montréal, which does not seem real as he has expressed only interest in LA or Miami.

To MTL’s credit, the shift to an MLS and youth based recruitment strategy has been money and comparing that with Toronto’s shatter shot star approach has worked miles better in recent years.

That’s how Djordje Mihailovic became a key piece after he was unsettled in Chicago, it’s easy to imagine that spot being given to a mid twenties Ligue 1 player and who knows if the results are close let alone similar.

All that is to say that there are many ways to win in this league and with its heavy restrictions there has to be.

Montréal has done well thus far, but I don’t think I’m the only one who wouldn't mind a splash every now and then, too.