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CF Montréal’s Last Two Outings Ended in Defeat, Is There Reason to Worry?

Talk about depth, travel and more.

MLS: CF Montreal at Charlotte FC Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

CF Montréal dropped out of top three in the Eastern Conference after a really tough loss to last place in the league, Sporting Kansas City. MTL sit fourth as a trip out West provided a high and a low.

A win vs Seattle and collapse vs Galaxy proved to be a real microcosm of the season so far. After the elimination in Concacaf Champions League, the team rallied and had been as high as first in the East.

So after these two bad losses, we have to ask is there reason to worry?

I would suggest, no, not yet anyways. Two huge factors have hit MTL in this stretch.

First, the travel, it is not easy going West and during that two game stand, a win vs the current CCL champs is more than enough for Wilfried Nancy and company to get benefit of the doubt here.

Yes, there were the two losses of bug score lines to Galaxy and the crushing Canadian Championship loss vs Toronto, but Nancy is making a coach of the year push, we shall not worry.

The second factor is two fold, injuries and depth. Missing your talisman in Djordje Mihailovic is going to hurt and maintaing level with him out is just what MTL has done.

With him returning soon, hopefully, the team should return to the high scoring ways. He is very important here.

Depth would be the other issue, MLS’s archaic roster rules limit the amount of talented players that are fairly compensated that can be at a club. The cap hinders more than helps at this stage of MLS’s growth.

At Canadian clubs it impacts them even more. The teams have to hit everywhere, academy, the draft, DP players and roster size to compete. MTL is no different and while the club has two DP spots open, they would be wise to spread the team and find impact players to sign there.

So, in the end there is not enough reason to worry just yet. That’s why Saturday’s game vs Toronto is of out sized importance as we could see a great match with more than bragging rights on the line.

We’ll see how the team responds.