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CF Montréal: Failure to Beat Austin FC Not Indcative of Season Overall

A rough defeat but not out.

MLS: Austin FC at CF Montreal Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

As we near the half way point of the season, Montréal sits solidly in the playoff race. Despite a rough loss to Austin over the weekend, dominating in man advantage, possession and more. MTL have proven they are more than capable of bouncing back.

It’s why this loss is not indicative of the team as a whole. Wilfried Nancy has proven to be amenable to changes and while some need to be made amid Djordje Mihailovic’s injury, Nancy should have the where with all to make some, soon.

A formation change, personnel or whatever, Nancy ahs his work cut out for him. STill, this team is solid just about everywhere and with Kamal Miller back next week, they can be better defensively.

A missing piece is getting creativity out of the midfield. Without Miha, Matko Miljevic has taken a chance, but it was not enough. Ismael Kone needs a run here or a formation change could be made.

The other issue is finishing, talking brute numbers, is one elite goal scorer. While Romell Quioto and Kamara are solid, a true difference maker is needed.

We’ll see how the team reacts, the next match is vs Charlotte in league play. A match MTL needs to win.