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New MLS Deal with Apple Provides Value for All CF Montréal Supporters

A look at how this helps all fans.

Toronto FC v CF Montreal: 2021 Canadian Championship Final Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Apple and Major League Soccer to present all MLS matches around the world for 10 years, beginning in 2023 according to the latest release from league headquarters.

Of note was this piece:

Complete details for the new service, including when fans can sign up, subscription pricing, specific details about the new MLS programming, an improved match schedule, broadcast teams, production enhancements, and pre- and postgame coverage — as well as all the ways fans will be able to enjoy MLS content across the Apple ecosystem — will be announced in the coming months.

While some of the details are yet to be defined, this is a good deal for fans all over the world and here especially at CF Montréal. A couple reasons why would be consistency and knowledge it will be treated like a legitimate show.

Starting with consistency, the knowledge to know it will be on Apple TV when many of us have it already is a boon for fans. That including season ticket holders, who will get a free pas sto the service, fans can be sure they will find not only MTL games here, but from all over the league. That, plus consistent starts and days can only be a good thing.

Second, is the pre-games, post shows and whip around shows. It will be like its own MLS Network, which many leagues have and are quite successful. More coverage and bumper programming is key to earning new fans and with many passionate supporters already in, this could lure casual fans in markets like MTL and elsewhere.

It seems to be a win-win as the future is streaming and MLS is getting in at a good time