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CF Montréal: Beating Austin Would Send Right Message to Rest of the League

A win here and MTL could be for real top two this season!

MLS: FC Cincinnati at CF Montreal David Kirouac-USA TODAY Sports

Montréal have had a fairly successful season and beating a playoff caliber team in Austin out in the Western Conference, would make a great message to the rest of the league.

Two reasons we can expand on is beating playoff caliber teams is important and cross conference games are more high profile so more eyes could be on this one than usual.

On the first point, playoff caliber, Austin is a solid squad, built the old fashioned way who are in fourth out West. A win here for MTL would make them legit as it would expand the teams they have wins over and it being at home is extra incentive after a long international break.

Second, cross conference games get more press, not sure why but they do, so a win here can be a coming out party to the rest of the league and cement a top two spot for MTL.

Nancy has a real chance at coach of the year and we add a win here it makes the case stronger. To monitor is definitely the Mihailovic injury, so Nancy will have his work cut out for him.

A big match vs a playoff caliber opponent at hime, what better way to return from break than this! Won’t slap a must win sticker on this one, but man is it close.

Thoughts on this week’s matchup?