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Impact Good Enough to Progress From Group Stage - Bojan...

Spanish striker would consider it a surprise should Montreal not progress in Florida...

New England Revolution v Montreal Impact
Bojan feels Impact is good enough to get past Group stages in MLS-is-Back tournament...
Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Montreal Impact’s top technical player, Bojan Krkic talked up his side’s chances of tournament progress ahead of tomorrow’s departure to Florida.

“Going back a few months, Montreal defeated Toronto FC in the final of the Canadian Championship. The surprise here would be Montreal not going through the group stage.

“With all due respect all the other teams I don’t think there is a team necessarily better than Montreal, but obviously we have to compete to demonstrate that on the pitch. I really believe we have a good enough team to compete out there and make it through the group stages and into the knock-outs.”

He also dismissed concerns over Covid-19 despite some recent concerning news emanating from Florida...

“If we are going there tomorrow it means that everything is under control and like I said, me personally, I really want to go there to start playing in the competition.

“If I didn’t feel safe I wouldn’t go. Same thing applies pretty much for the rest of the team and staff. We have to go there without fear. We’re going to compete and we trust in the professionals that are on-site, the league and the Health Department, who are all making sure the risk is minimized in Orlando. That’s why everybody has accepted to go there and play.”

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Montreal Impact
Bojan (left) feeling happy about prospects surrounding the Florida trip.
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Bojan feels the squad has worked well even throughout lockdown, personally he undertook regular running work-outs as permitted throughout the most restrictive periods, and his team-mates post-lockdown are fit, doing well and, “... to a certain extent even better than in January.”

He also likes the World Cup format planned for Orlando.

“The format is something new. Also it’s not the traditional league we are used to, but it’s an interesting alternative that players have to go into with the same motivation as any other competition.”

Boredom and down-time, so often challenging aspects for players at tournaments, is not something that concerns Impact’s number 9 personally.

“It’s true, we will have a lot of time in our hotel rooms etc. But personally I’m studying right now so it’s good for homework and reading the books.”

He also disclosed the area of academia that holds his interest...

“I’m studying for Sports Director. Right now I don’t see myself coaching. In the future you never know, but right now I don’t see myself as a coach. The Sporting Director role is interesting to me... ”

A certain Olivier Renard might just have to keep watch over his shoulder...