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Monday Morning Image #1

The first in a new series showing quirky or historical images from the world of football.

Sammy Nelson bares his cheeks to the North Bank

The first image in our new Monday series features Arsenal’s Northern Irish left-back in April 1979.

Nelson had been having a bit of a stinker at home to Coventry City in a league match and was getting ‘the byrd’ from the crowd, but with Arsenal trailing 0-1, he was on hand to hammer in the equalisier.

Without any hesitation, after doing so he went straight over to Highbury’s North Bank (Arsenal’s popular end in those days), bent-over and dropped his shorts baring his cheeks to his not so adoring, but surprised public.

The game ended 1-1, Nelson saved the Gunners a point, but found himself plastered all over the back pages the next morning....

Maybe that was the plan?