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Team Meeting Abruptly Terminates Media Video-conference After Impact Lose to Orlando

Sejdic interview cut short and Diop didn’t appear as expected.

Montreal Impact v Columbus Crew SC
Amar Sejdic was upfront and centre when pulled from the video-conference to attend the team meeting.
Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

In a strange development post-match this evening, Amar Sejdic was pulled from the video-conference with the media to attend a team meeting.

Clement Diop, it had already been announced, would be the third member of the Impact staff presented, after Sejdic and coach Thierry Henry, who had already faced the press.

It must have been some team-meeting. After waiting for 51 minutes after the withdrawal of Sejdic, awaiting journalists were advised by the Impact Communications Director he was closing the Zoom meeting, as it was not yet apparent if Clement Diop would appear after all.

Until that point everything had seemed perfectly normal.

It’s unclear if there was anything unusual or particular in respect of the team-meeting.

Events at the media video-conference were highly unusual.