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Report: MLS found a loophole to avoid paying training compensation

An investigative report via a long facebook note , by Paulo Texeira, explains how the MLS is supposedly avoiding to pay training compensation to FC Rainbow.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

FC Rainbow will not go away as Paulo Texeira, a journalist, photographer, CBF licensed agent, has just posted a lengthy facebook note, which is closer to a full report on Major League Soccer's dealings with FC Rainbow. If that name rings a bell for Montreal Impact fans, it was Ambroise Oyongo's last club before he joined the New York Red Bulls and MLS.

The debate was around the legality of Oyongo's transfer to MLS, knowing that he had an amateur status with FC Rainbow, something claimed by the Cameroonian football federation (FECAFOOT). A few months later, Oyongo came back to the league and the Impact as if nothing happened.

THE RAINBOW CONNECTION - how the Major League Soccer (MLS) found a loop-hole to avoid paying training compensation. Impact de Montréal #IMFC #MLS

Posted by Kan Football Club on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our friends at Once a Metro had their own questioning and investigation going as they followed the Oyongo saga from a NY perspective. If these reports are even partly true, it exposes MLS' inadequacy to swim in the murkier international transfer waters, something not easy for any league around the world but never looks good for a young league.