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Kaká is facing the Montreal Impact : Did you know?

Arguably, one of the biggest names in the beautiful game currently playing in MLS is coming to Montreal for the second time.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, commonly known as Kaká, is coming to La Belle Province to face the Montreal Impact for the second time this season. The Brazilian is obviously and intentionally the poster boy for Orlando and a big part of MLS' visibility plan.

Why isn't he being promoted as the Impact host Orlando this Saturday at Stade Saputo?

In a city that has a bigger attention span towards the salary cap hit of the Montreal Canadiens' 4th line center-man than the Impact, it's understandable to see a lack of buzz around the arrival of Kaká in Montreal. But at the same time, it's unacceptable.

  • TV/Radio rights holder are not going beyond the call of duty and do their part in promoting and covering the league and in extension the local team suffers from that.

  • Mainstream media is already struggling to give the Impact a proper place (a few exceptions of course, you know who you are). Follow the money and the coverage will follow but it comes down to m
  • ake an investment right now and being a pioneer among your peers/competition as the source of Impact and MLS content.

  • The club, L'Impact. As much as the club is more than eager to produce content about its players , which is normal and expected, it has a role into nurturing a tradition of consuming MLS content. Though, content is produced towards presenting the other team and such but it does not seem to be enough.

    But is that the Impact's responsibility? This needs serious pondering.
All these factors give me the same impression when you look at the broader spectrum of MLS coverage in this city: Impact is playing Team X and people are not informed (or care to be informed?) about the opponent, its identity, its stars and more.

This is a good start but it must go beyond just a video, posted by the Montreal Impact. A habit of MLS consumption needs to be created and all parties involved must do their part.

What I just wrote does not have the intention to go through the endless debate about media coverage in this city but just an observation.

It's only Kaká.