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Report: Didier Drogba to rejoin Chelsea ?

Drogba's career plan might skip a year according to reports.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

As reported by Jeune Afrique, an african weekly magazine and website, Didier Drogba has been contacted by Roman Abramovich himself to come join Chelsea. A few hours after parting ways with José Mourinho, the discreet owner contacted Didier Drogba to come to London, according to someone close the player.

As you might know already, Drogba is still tied with the Montreal Impact and MLS for the  2016 MLS season. His preemptive departure would cause quite a stir for the club as it tries to build off its momentum since Drogba's arrival and Mauro Biello's appointment as interim head coach.

Jeune Afrique also reports that Drogba will join Chelsea to kick-start his post-player career path , starting with a smaller role and grow within the organization and build from there. It was a known fact that Drogba's influence on the Chelsea locker room  was not to be underestimated and his performances would be missed.

His excellent performances in MLS even triggered a media frenzy in the UK , as fans and media were suggesting to bring back Drogba to help Chelsea's scoring drought and sub-par performances in the English Premier League.

Jeune Afrique's report could be quite a concern as it seems adamant that Drogba will be joining Chelsea immediately, not if. This would put a dent on the sporting and marketing ambitions of the Impact if it loses Drogba one year earlier than planned.