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Latest on CJAD 800 AM : Impact Tree that Hides the Forest

My latest for CJAD 800's Montreal Impact blog in whichI tackle the Impact's latest woes and how they can be fixed by Marco Schallibaum.

Marco Schallbaum looking for solutions
Marco Schallbaum looking for solutions

After the mid-season report that was all fine and dandy, my latest piece on CJAD 800's Montreal Impact blog tackles some of the woes that faces the Montreal Impact. Warning signs were present since the 2-0 loss to the Columbus Crew as the club tries to get back to its winning ways.

We’ll need to work and return to the basics.-Marco Schallibaum

The good news for the Impact fans is that their club is not known for making rash decisions in player transfers, at least nt any overnight decisions. Though a press conference , that was scheduled for this Monday at 10:30 AM EST, has been indefinitely postponed.

The full article can be read here.

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