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Stade Saputo: No More Under the Shadow of Olympus

From haven to fortress, Stade Saputo was an integral part of what we can call the turning point of the season for the club.

Richard Wolowicz

With the fan affluence at Stade Saputo in the ''far, unattractive'' east end, the Montreal Impact have established a real home, a real nest.

We must not forget the disappointing numbers during the first games at Stade Saputo. The 17,112 fans for the game vs the Seattle Sounders seemed odd , at first, for a historical MLS home opener. But the following games had a few people doubt the viability and marketability of this club:

The signing of Marco Di Vaio helped in numbers but he only played many games at Stade Saputo until the July/August home-stand. Combine that with the Alessandro Nesta signing and attractive gameday ticket pricing , the boost in crowds was remarkable and Montreal embraced a team with international stars, in a beautiful stadium, a good show and a winning streak (5 consecutive home wins)

Affluence picked up and without the numbers of the last game of the season, Stade Saputo attendance numbers average at around 16,785 fans. Add to that a 10-3-2 is the home record for the Montreal Impact and that includes 2 wins , 2 draws and 1 loss at Stade Olympique.

Supporters Day : Merci Aux Fans

Fans are invited by the team to come to Stade Saputo on October 27th in a celebration of the club's expansion team. What better scenario (outside a playoff berth) to see the team close out the season at home.

Supporters Day is being organised at the game to thank '' La Garde'' , the 12th player of the team that was always alongside the club throughout the season.

The Montreal Impact is also organizing a historic photo opportunity

After the game, the Impact will organize an historic photo opportunity with hundreds of fans on the field. As "behind every player is a supporter," the club will ask supporters to make a wall on the field, with Impact players, to defend against a free-kick.

Season ticket holders, who have confirmed their attendance with the club, will take part in this special photo opportunity. A Facebook contest, starting next week, will give other supporters a chance to participate as well. Supporters must wear blue for the occasion.

In its season ticket marketing campaign ''behind every player is a supporter'' , the Montreal Impact probably found a great tool to get the fans involved in its marketing strategy. Engaging the season ticket holders in your advertising

Shadow Of Olympus No More

It was a long time since the Shadow of Olympus: Professional Soccer NaySayers , Haters? piece and you can see the positive vibe among members of the media not familiar with covering soccer, reticent fans to come to the East and haters of professional soccer that still live .....

in the shadow of the Montreal Expos.....

in the Shadow of Olympus.....

Welcome Home Montreal Impact, you were never a stranger