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Montreal Impact Press Conference: Alessandro Nesta and Impact's reaction to low attendance

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Amidst a string of dissapointing results (3 consecutive losses in MLS), the Montreal Impact introduce to the media and the public a legend of Italian and World Soccer: Alessandro Nesta. With over 400 games in Serie A and 101 games in UEFA Champions League, the Italian central defender comes in with experience, a status and a reputation. After the string of Italian players that joined the team, this signing should definitively put the Montreal Impact in the world map of soccer and a competition to the classical big MLS markets, Los Angeles and New York.

The sequence of the signings of Italian players is not coincidental. Marco Di Vaio and Alessandro Nesta are friends since a young age and started their professional career together, at SS Lazio. Di Vaio was the perfect agent to sell the club, the team and the league. The different connections and friendships extend to Matteo Ferrari and Bernardo Corradi and that helped to quickly make initial contacts. Alessandro Nesta was in Montreal to watch his friend, Marco Di Vaio, play against Toronto FC and from there it's all history.

Quotes from the press conference:

Joey Saputo, Montreal Impact president.

For a player who won the World Cup and played at the highest level for 20 years, he was extremely humble and it was easy to come to an agreement with him.He already feels a part of the team.

Nick De Santis, Montreal Impact sporting director

It's exciting not only for the team, but also for the club to have a player of his pedigree, a world champion in 2006 and one of the top defenders in the world.Alessandro will bring a lot of leadership qualities through his different experiences, and will be a great mentor to our young players. To have him around the team and on the field will help the club as a whole.

Jesse Marsch, Montreal Impact head coach

It's an incredible opportunity for our club to add a defender of his talent."We are very anxious to get him into our lineup because he will make us better on every level.

The Impact's Mea Culpa right after the jump

After the press conference with Nesta and the classical jersey unveiling with pictures, Joey Saputo took over the press conference to talk about big changes at Stade Saputo.

Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

We received some excellent suggestions, which confirms to us once again that the people have the Impact in their hearts. We felt that the general consensus of our fans was one of a positive experience, but the majority of the comments touched on the pricing of seats in Category 1. We may have been mistaken in our analysis of the market, but the reality is different and we did not want to wait to make the necessary adjustments.

Our objective is to remain accessible and to maintain a friendly atmosphere at Stade Saputo. It's thanks to our supporters that we are able to bring high level players here, because for them, playing in front of large crowds is something special. We don't want to lose this advantage.

Joey Saputo took off his President/Soccer Fan suit and put on his President/Business Man suit instead and tackled an embarrassing situation for the club: the attendance at Stade Saputo. With an average of around 13,000 at Stade Saputo, the Montreal Impact had to take action. It was a surprise for many not to see the stadium filled to at least 80%, especially being newly renovated and with every seat giving you an great view of the game. By the end of June, the Montreal Impact did raise a flag internally and reached out to its fan base and customers via a survey. Between then and now, the club organised an open house for people to come in for free and visit on July 5th between 5 and 8pm.

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Here is a look at the new packages offered at Stade Saputo and take note that these packages are on a game per game basis. You will notice the instant savings on these packages that should attract more families and students to experience the Stade Saputo and some high level soccer.

Price difference

Package Tickets Beverages Hot Dogs Total Package Price (tax incl) ** Approx. Savings **
Family Package - 4 People 4 (Cat. 2) 4 4 120 156
Family Package - 6 People 6 (Cat. 3) 6 6 120 180
Friends Packages - 4 People 4 ( Cat. 4) 4 4 80 68

** Savings based on individual ticket prices before tax and hot dog prices at 5$ per, beverage at 7$/per

The above promotional packages are limited but in big numbers, around 500 packages each as confirmed by Richard Legendre, Executive VP.

Two other promotions came out including one for the international game vs Olympique Lyonnais:

  • The international game versus Olympique Lyonnais, which is set for July 24 at Stade Saputo, will now be offered at a cost of $25, for the four first seating categories, with a pre-game promotion of $1 hot dogs.
  • Finally students get to watch MLS soccer for ''dirt-cheap'': Category 3 at 25$ , Category 4 at 20$ and Category 5 at 15$ , all taxes included.

One last thing before I sign off: Why are you still reading and why aren't you calling the Montreal Impact sales staffto get your tickets?

Au Revoir et Bon Match :-)