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Stade Saputo

Joey Saputo still worried about attendance numbers for the Impact

Impact offer designated driver service at Stadium

Feeling tipsy after the game? Had too much Vino and not enough Cibo? Dont' drink and drive and let a designated take you home safely.

Snow with a chance of Postponement

Snow accumulation could postpone the game between the Montreal Impact and the Seattle Sounders.

Impact: A team you will want to make yours

This is the English version of my article called ‘’L’Impact de Montréal : une histoire qu’il fait bon s’approprier’’ published earlier this week.

L'Impact, Une histoire qu'il fait bon s'approprier

La place de l'Impact de Montréal dans l'imaginaire d'un fan du ballon rond loin des frontières de Montréal.

Quand L'Impact s'essaye aux Socios

La direction de l'Impact de Montréal a procédé à son premier référendum d'initiative populaire aupres de ces membres. Antoine partage son opinion sur ce referendum avec

Featured Fanshot

Carte Postale Soccer Sans Frontières PostCard

Black, Blanc, Beur : L'Impact et Les Communautés

L'Impact de Montréal continue de renforcer ces liens avec les communautés culturelles de Montréal.

Weather 1 - Montreal 0 : Impact vs Crew Postponed

Weather conditions have gotten worse in the province of Quebec with snow/ice accumulation in the Montreal area.Major League Soccer made the decision to move the game on Sunday at noon.

Give Them The Orange Ball

A potential snow fall of 15 to 20 cm of snow, Alessandro Nesta almost fit and ready for the Columbus Crew, Daniele Paponi close to know his future with the Impact or lack thereof.

Spring has come: Stade Saputo Ready To Host 20,000

Spring has come and the Real Home Opener is coming this weekend. The Montreal Impact host the Columbus Crew at Stade Saputo.

Stade Saputo: No More Under the Shadow of Olympus

From haven to fortress, Stade Saputo was an integral part of what we can call the turning point of the season for the club.