Johan Venegas Named to Costa Rica Copa America Roster


Johan Venegas was named to the Costa Rican National team for the 2016 edition of the Copa America. Costa Rica plays its opening match against Paraguay on June 4th in Orlando, Florida. Venegas will then travel to Chicago to play the United States on June 7th. Costa Rica will round out the group stage against Columbia on June 11th in Houston, Texas. Venegas is guaranteed to miss the return leg of the Canadian Championship against TFC on June 8th.

George St-Pierre will ring your bell


Well, he might ring the Northern Star Bell at Stade Saputo, the famous bell brought into the soccer culture of the city by the SG 1642MTL

Snow, No Mas!!!!


With the white stuff finally starting to melt in Montreal, the Impact announced today that they will start to train on grass tomorrow. Who is ready for Didier Drogba?

Johan Venegas gives Costa Rica a 3-0 lead


We would like him to be more clutch with the Montreal Impact but has been pretty good in last year's playoffs and this season. Vamos Venegas!!

Laurent Ciman in crutches


It looks serious but we don't know yet



I imagine that Evan Bush gets home after a performance like yesterday's, takes off his coat and shoes. Puts his equipment in the closet, gets handed a cup of coffee and a newspaper, AND SMASHES IT ALL TO PIECES.

Ooooo yeaaa


Meg 'im again Nacho! Thank you to YvanDL for the great GIF. A true Bleu-Blanc-Noir classic.