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CF Montréal Mid-Season Report Card

A good look at seven key areas of the club.

MLS: CF Montreal at Seattle Sounders FC Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

A familiar concept as we grade the team as we are about halfway in to this MLS season. From squad sections to coaching and front office, let’s dive in to those grades!

1. Defense and Goalkeeping

A bit of a mixed bag, but nothing too bad. In Breza MTL finally have a home grown and starting caliber keeper. He has been more than solid through stretches this season. In defense, the team has been shaky and injuries have made a dent, but the acquisition of Joel Waterman and consistent play of Camacho has made it solid, just not great. Kamal Miller when he is hot is great, but that’s not always the case. Grade: B

2. Midfield

A fantastic signing in Joaquin Torres has made this side into a much better one. Add the excellent prior one of Victor Wanyama who has been a wall and stalwart for this club and we have a more than solid midfield. Ismale Kone, Mathieu Choiniere and Zach Brault-Guillard coming up in prominence and we have a solid crop of youngsters as well. Grade: B+

3. Attack

The addition of Romell Quioto and Kei kamara have been key an the further importance in MLS veterans has made the team better. As has the signing of a potential star in Mason Toye, who now back from injury seems to be on a roll that we hope he carries all season. Could they score a little more, perhaps, but this team is in a much better spot than two seasons ago. Grade: B+

4. Bench

This has been hit or miss and probably the biggest problem. Depth is a problem known all through out the league and with the restrictive rules in place it makes sense to be a hard nut to crack. Montréal has had some success as some academy players are bearing fruit and the revelation of Ismael Kone has been great, but not enough to lead. Grade: C

5. Coaching

A coach of the year candidate is pretty good, right? After a sad departure from Thierry Henry, the team relied on Wilfried Nancy to get them back on track and boy has it worked. Paired with a less used formation in MLS, it has worked wonders with the new MLS vets. Nancy has now made this team a perennial top 3 and introduced younger players. A great job. Grade: A+

6. Front Office

Under Olivier Renard the team has focused on mostly intra-MLS deals and it has worked fairly well. From Djordje Mihailovic to Romell Quioto and more, this has made the team more competitive and now top 3 in the east! Can’t complain too much other than needing some more depth and maybe a winger. Grade: A-

7. Overall

The team has done well with intra-MLS deals as it has spurred the team on to way more competitive juices and making them an actual player in the league and not an after though like they were before. Combined with a nailed on head coach call and the team is in a really good position, for now. Grade: A