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The Canadian National Team has a Labor Problem

Who is right amid a boycott!

Soccer: CONCACAF FIFA World Cup Qualifier-Canada at USA Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

What a weekend for the Canadian National Team! The payers have gone on strike and had a match cancelled. This thread highlighted the issues perfectly:

The key issue seems to be percentage for players in the total pie of money as pointed out here:

Which as we noted on twitter, if the players were to ever do this it is now on the verge of the World Cup where the players have 100% leverage. The CMNT for their response was fairly strong and can be seen here. The noted takeaway was they will not agree to even negotiate which was odd given the new numbers were not provided and the windfall from the World Cup itself was not mentioned.

It all seems pretty fair by the players, they just want a fair share agreement and similar terms to the one the American men and women players got quite recently.

I know the money may not be equal, but I’m sure percentages can and should be worked out. Now is the time to strike so good on the players for doing this even if it ruffles quite a few fathers.

What are your thoughts on the developments over the weekend?