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New Euros pod - Vive La France! - Relieved Portugal

Euros Daily podcast (Episode 13)

European Football Championship - France - Germany
Hummels Horror! Germany’s Mat Hummels looks to the skies after putting through his own goal for the only score of the game.
Photo by Federico Gambarini/picture alliance via Getty Images

Hummels og settles wonderful ding-dong battle between brilliant France and Germany in Munich. Game of the tournament so far!

So plucky but unlucky.... Hungary go down by three late, late strikes to Ronaldo’s Portugal.
A dramatic day at the Euros to complete the first round of matches. The Hungarians must be left scratching their heads at how they could end up on the wrong end of a three-goal defeat.

Just moments before the twice-deflected opening goal, they scored themselves, Portuguese hope seemingly shattered, but VAR (rightly) came to the rescue determining offside against Schon, the scorer....

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