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New Pod: The Big Kick-off - Opening Day Preview

The Ball Is Round - Episode 25

Montreal’s last match-winner in a Canadian Classique derby Rudy Camacho gets the better of Toronto’s Jozy Altidore in this duel.
Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Just three days to go.... !!!

The Ball Is Round team preview the season opener against Toronto FC in Fort Lauderdale... (with special guest Michael Singh from Waking The Red website & podcast)

  • chat the Montreal football issues of the week...
  • provide their top three picks for each Conference
  • talk Concacaf Champions League - Is the gap closing between MLS and LigaMX
  • Canadian WNT in the UK
  • Sam’s Social Media Review
  • Eve’s Time Machine
  • Canadian Classique Derbies 3-Question Quiz.... and...
  • Hady’s CHOICES....