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Covid Times - When You Can’t Get In to Watch Your Favourites.

How one committed and cunning travelling fan managed to watch his beloved team.

These Covid times - When only home fans are allowed in. Brian Manning a fan of Dublin club St Patrick’s Athletic travelled from Dublin to Derry with his ladder, to watch his favourites..,

You simply just have to admire the passion...

Brian Manning, a supporter of Dublin club St Patrick’s Athletic, wasn’t to be outdone when it was announced that only home fans would be allowed into Derry’s Brandywell Stadium for the Airtricity League of Ireland Premier Division game on Friday evening.

Otherwise famed for bringing (and constantly clanging) his cow bell to games, driving opposition fans mad, Brian made the 466km round trip from his home in Dublin to to Derry determined to see the game and was well prepared. He brought his ladders with him.

Brian pitched his ladder on the Brandywell Road outside the stadium’s perimeter wall and watched the action... or lack of it.

Deckygall tweeted the game was brutal and ‘Pat’s’ should gift Brian a season-ticket for his dedication.

Both the Derry Journal and St Patrick’s Athletic official website described the 0-0 draw between mid-table teams as ‘drab’.

Let’s hope it wasn’t too cold and Brian was happy with Pat’s securing a point on the road. certainly commends Brian for his passion and dedication to his favourites...

Any Impact fans down in the Big Apple for this evening's game, don’t forget your ladders....