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Impact 2020 End of Year Quiz

How much do you remember about the 2020 season?

Toronto FC v Montreal Impact
No conferring please... The Impact team all huddled together thinking about the answer to question #3....
Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

It’s that time of year again where clubs and sports outlets roll out their year end quiz.

2020 was a season like no there. Let’s see how much you remember about it....

Answers to follow in 24 hours....

1. Which former player scored against The Impact in 2020?

2. Who was the only Impact player to score twice in a game in 2020?

3. Of all the foreign born players with domestic status in the 2020 squad, only two were born in the same country. Which country and which players?

4. Which player did the Impact loan to Vancouver Whitecaps in July?

5. Which Impact player won his 50th international cap in 2020?

6. The Impact won only one of five pre-season friendlies in 2020. Which club did they defeat?

7. Who was the only Impact player to score a winning goal at the MLS-is-Back tournament?
8. The Impact played 29 matches in all competitions last season. There were no ever-presents, however two players made 27 appearances each. Who were they?

9. Which player appeared on the field for a sum total of only 7 minutes throughout the whole season?

10. All competitions, how many clean sheets did Clement Diop keep in his 26 appearances?

Montreal Impact Vs. New England Revolution At Gillette Stadium
Clement Diop (left) - how many clean-sheets did he keep in 2020?
Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

11. All competitions, which player picked up the most yellow cards in 2020?

12. Who was the first Impact player to receive MLS Team of the Week honours in 2020?

13. Haitien international Steeven Saba joined the Impact from which club in his home country?

14. Only one player registered a hat-trick against the Impact in 2020. Who was it?

15. Bruce Arena was the oldest coach the Impact faced in 2020, but who was the youngest?

16. When the Impact faced new NYCFC coach Ronnie Deila, it was the first time in club history they had ever faced a coach from which country?

Soccer - Scottish Premier League - Celtic v Dundee United - Celtic Park
Former Celtic coach Ronnie Deila, now boss of NYCFC. See question 16
Photo by Andrew Milligan/PA Images via Getty Images

17. Which was the only American club the Impact kept a clean-sheet against in 2020?

18. Which opposing goalkeeper conceded the most goals against the Impact in 2020?

19. Which starting XI player was substituted most times in 2020?

20. Which player recorded his first-ever IMFC asst in the 2-1 victory over New England Revolution at Stade Olympique in February?

16-20 correct - Expert

12-15 correct - Not bad

8-11 correct - Need to brush-up

Less than 8 correct - Extra pre-season for you.... Must improve