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If Ballou Tabla Indeed Wants Out, a Gaping Hole Would Ensue

As a Tabla transfer is imminent, we should worry 

MLS: Montreal Impact at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It's the news we've been dreading since the Ivorian born midfielder set his opponents a blaze with his ludicrous talents. A player we've been salivating over after he graced the Impact jersey. It certainly has been a thing of beauty to witness. Describing the 18-year-old phenom, Ballou Tabla, in that sense is assuredly an understatement. Tabla, born in Ivory Coast and raised in Canada has rapidly soared within the Impact's academy onto the 1st team at the tender age of 18. He may have been one of Montreal's Impact's best products ever imagined. Unfortunately for us fans, we will have to reminisce through the very few memories that he created as he's set to tackle greater challenges in his young football career.

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Montreal Impact Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN FC and Ballou Tabla himself, he admittedly desires to exit from the middling MLS squad to a top-tier team in Europe. He's unquestionably amassed heaps of interest from teams worldwide being kept under the watchful eye ever since the 18-year-old phenom has donned the Impact jersey. In doing so, he scored in his debut. Crazy right? One team who has been hovering over Ballou Tabla since he hit the pitch has been last year's Premier League champions and former 2012 Champions League winner, Chelsea FC. Notably, Italian, Antonio Conte will certainly pursue the rookie till there is no limit as he's keen on acquiring him because of his astounding skill set. Despite the arduous transfer rumors, Montreal has not had extensive talks with any teams thus far. That being said, a transfer move to a top team in many of Europe's top league's is obviously inevitable. However, It's imperative for Mauro Biello to find a solution to repatch the hole that Tabla has left us. One way or another, he needs to find a way.

Unfortunately, if Ballou Tabla made his imminent departure in the near future. There would be a gigantic hole to fill. He is such an integral part of the Impact's starting 11 that our team's offensive chemistry would be decimated and Biello would have to produce wonders to solidify such ridiculous gaping hole. With Ballou Tabla out of the picture, our playoff hopes would be no more. Not unless the team's offensive and defensive game drastically improves immediately, the Impact may miss the cut.

Ballou Tabla is under contract with Montreal until December 2018.