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Montreal Impact Roster Potential Reinforcements : Nelson Rivas and Adrian Lopez

Nick De Santis confirmed to TVA Sports that the Montreal Impact is negotiating with Nelson Rivas to bring him back in 2014.


Speaking to TVA Sports, Sporting Director Nick De Santis shared his thoughts on why the Montreal Impact has not signed many new players. But he has confirmed that the club and Nelson Rivas are in negotiations to bring back the Colombian central defender.

As Frank Klopas identified the back-line as one area that needs help, one might think that Rivas might represent that player to fill that gap. He was the first player to officially sign a MLS deal with the Montreal Impact although Hassoun Camara had a NASL-to-MLS clause with the club when he joined the club in 2011.

"When he is healthy, we feel that he could be one of the defenders in the league. He is only 30 years old"-Nick De Santis

Since his arrival, Rivas was known as being injury-prone but his resume and experience were quite attractive; and they still are. The club is obviously putting a lot of hope to see the Colombian defender get fit and healthy enough to join its ranks in 2014.

Even though negotiations are ongoing, Nick De Santis and Frank Klopas will need to objectively re-assess the whole back-line. Going after Rivas, a player tagged as a Tour de France cyclist in 2013 (jokes about biking more than practicing), is a huge risk that could hurt the Impact. How can you plan a season and a roster with an injury-prone player?

Although Adrian Lopez is still with the club, the Spanish defender is still recovering from a knee surgery after tearing his ACL in practice. Touted as an important signing for the club, the ex-Wigan Athletic player should be back with the club by the end of March.

This could be excellent if Lopez can come back early in the season so that Frank Klopas can truly assess him and see where he can fit within his team and vision on the pitch. Whether it is as a starter or a depth player, a healthy Lopez can only help the Montreal Impact. Though, we have barely seen him play so one cannot say much on his actual value on the pitch.