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Clarification on Nelson Rivas being removed from the Disabled List

A tweet earlier this week advised the Montreal Impact fans that Nelson Rivas was removed from the Disabled List. The move is more of an administrative move than a sporting change.


Twitter gave hope to Montreal Impact fans that Nelson Rivas might be making a come back. Diego Pinzon, of, tweets earlier this week

Nelson Rivas was removed from the disabled list the Montreal Impact. We hope to return to action soon

Apologies for the lackluster Google Translation but you get the message. But after getting confirmed information about this change, I have learned that:

This is a change in the team's squad that started by putting Adrian Lopez on the long term injury list for the Impact. This move permits Rivas to be reintegrated into the active list of players. But take note that Rivas is still listed as injured and is not expected to make a come back anytime soon.

As both Lopez and Rivas fill an international spot each, one might speculate that these changes must have to do with the number of international spots available to the club. Yet again, MLS roster rules are mostly hidden from the public so we might never know.