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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Crew leave with three points, as the Impact breakdown

After a disappointing 2-1 defeat to the Columbus Crew, it’s time to examine who contributed and who didn’t with, ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The Good...

Marco Di Vaio - Another game, another goal for our Italian striker. Di Vaio's league leading 18th goal was one of the reasons that saw him land in The Good. But beyond the goal, Di Vaio was also responsible for some nice Give-and-Go's with Felipe in the first half. He was one of the few players to battle hard for the full 90mins and even after the final whistle.

Alessandro Nesta - Hard to imagine that a defender can positively stand out in a game that saw the Impact give up two second half goals. But on either goal, Nesta's hands were clean. Nesta was at his best Saturday night, repeatedly making excellent reads, timely challenges and clearing the ball out of the box.

Felipe Martins - Another strong outing for the future team Canada midfielder! Felipe was at the heart of the Impact's best chances. He often created opportunities for Di Vaio and again showed good chemistry with Arnaud on the wing.

Playoffs- Despite the three lost points, thanks to the Philadelphia Union and the New England Revolution losses Saturday night, the Impact still secure excellent playoff position. However, The Supporter's Shield is another story.

The Bad...

Justin Mapp - It's a rarity this season, but Mapp laid a stinker Saturday night. From his  8th minute miss in front of the Columbus keeper to the off target crosses and turnovers.  He saved his worst for last as his lazy pass attempt to Camara fell to the feet of Frederico Higuain and then led to the Oduro game winning goal.

Matteo Ferrari - Not exactly sure how to describe Ferrari's performance. In one hand he setup the Di Vaio goal with a nice header; but on the other hand, Ferrari was often out of place and late on plays. The reliable center back had an unusually erratic night. Like Mapp, he also had a say in the game winning goal by Oduro (details below).

Why even Sub?- Sanna Nyassi, Daniele Paponi and Andres Romero all failed to provide a spark to the Montreal side, let alone create ONE scoring chance. Romero did nothing but reconfirm to us that Arnaud is the better option at left wing and Paponi, in what has become a concerning trend,  is completely  invisible on the field.

What this roster needs, is a young energetic player of the bench that has a precedent of contributing late in games. Ideally, one that can play the wing or forward and has a solid left foot. If only one existed.......

@TVASports - This one is for all the angry Impact fans out there who missed the first 25mins (including the Di Vaio goal !) to watch some Davis Cup tennis.  Come on TVA,  you're the official broadcaster of the Montreal Impact!

All I can say is.... congratulations Canadian Tennis on a great run at Davis Cup !

The Ugly...

Crew's game winning goal - This is truly deserving of the Ugly. In a span of a few seconds, not one....not two....but  THREE major errors were committed by Impact players on the Oduro goal.

As mentioned, it all starts off with a lazy Mapp pass attempt to Camara that falls to the feet of Federico Higuain. Hassoun Camara is then caught in the awkward position of deciding whether to backup and keep Higuain in front of him or step up and try and knock the ball off the Crew player. Camara does the latter and completely whiffs as he arrives late on Higuain.

This then brings us to the final gaffe. While Camara is chasing Higuain down the wing, Ferrari chooses to not mark Doninic Oduro in the middle and instead play the offside. Nesta has his back to Ferrari and is unaware of Ferrari's decision. Ferrari can only watch as Oduro runs past him onside and casually taps in the Higuain cross past Perkins.

Not the team effort a coach is looking for...

Share your thoughts, Impact fans. Who impressed you? Who did not? And better yet, what did I get wrong?

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