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The Day Justin Mapp said Merci -- Le Jour où Justin Mapp a dit Merci

With yet another monster performance against the Houston Dynamo, Justin Mapp might just be fulfilling his potential with the Montreal Impact. His inconsistency might not have disappeared but in the present, the left-footed creative player is having a blast.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Merci is what Justin Mapp said to my friend and colleague, Sydney , when he complimented him for the victory and his game. As he smiled shyly, the left-footed midfielder said to be happy about the 5-0 score and the way the team performed.

The biggest story around Justin Mapp ,since arriving via the 2012 expansion draft, was his consistency or lack thereof. Confidence is another C-word that can explain Mapp's success with the Montreal Impact. He is currently repaying the club for believing in him.

Even though that belief came with a price rebate (contract renegotiation), feeling wanted must have gone miles for the Mississippi Mud Cat (thank you Davy Arnaud for that quote).

Arguably the most talented player, if not most technical player, Mapp has found a real home in Montreal. Yet, fans from the Chicago Fire and the Philadelphia Union would not necessarily agree that Mapp fought off his demons so quickly. Many articles have already been written about a reborn Justin Mapp and many will come about him.

The jokes of a rift between himself and Marco Di Vaio were funny and maybe there was some truth in it last year. Could Mapp give the ball faster to Di Vaio? Could the team service Di Vaio more efficiently? Obviously, but Mapp is still with the Impact as he fits the criteria of being a technical and smart player.

Far from perfect but even farther from flawed, Justin Mapp has been a liberating force on the right side of the Impact.

Merci Justin, Merci.

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