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All Eyes On Brazil: The Story of the 2014 World Cup through the People of Brazil

All Eyes On Brazil is a KICKSTARTER Project to capture the emotions and capture the emotions and reactions of the local population during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The 2014 World Cup is almost one year away but the fun starts now. My friends at Wedia Wix have started a KickStarter project to bring you another angle directly from Brazil.

As All Eyes will be on the Selecao, Wedia Wix will give you a different insigh outside the business of the game, its technical aspects on the pitch.

Going beyond the scoreline talk, Wedia Wix will take you inside the lives of Brazilians as they eat, sleep and live through a historical World Cup.

Young filmmakers travel across Brazil during the 2014 soccer World Cup to capture the emotions and reactions of the local population.

The Plan

Our goal is to join the most unique characters we come into contact with, and film them with their entourage while they watch games of their national team. This will be in an intimate place, such as their home, their favorite bar, or with their tribe, in order to effectively capture all of their emotions and reactions. -- Wedia Wix

The Road

- 1st week in Sao Paulo, SP: Opening ceremony and 1st & 2nd group game
- 2nd week in Manaus, AM: 3rd group game
- 3rd week in Salvador, BA: Round of sixteen + quarter finals
- 4th week in Rio de Janeiro, RJ: Semifinals, the final and closing ceremony


A KICKSTARTER page has been created to get funding towards the project. Be part of a worthy project and help them towards their quest to produce what will be an unforgettable experience.

Obrigado!!! and click here for all the details and support the beautiful game.