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The Montreal Impact take one point from Buck Shaw Stadium: San Jose Earthquakes, the Comeback Kings

Justin Mapp scores 2 goals to give the Montreal Impact a 2-0 lead. But the San Jose Earthquakes do not disappoint via Jahn and Cronin, including a goal in injury time.

so Justin Mapp will be the Hero Of The Game ok?
so Justin Mapp will be the Hero Of The Game ok?

Justin Mapp was almost the hero of a 2-1 victory of the Montreal Impact over the San Jose Earthquakes. But the San Jose Earthquakes score a goal during injury time and Montreal leaves San Jose with only 1 point.

Even if the Impact scored the first 2 goals of the game, it was actually the Earthquakes that had the most dangerous chances earlier in the game. Thanks to an excellent Troy Perkins, the visitors were able to survive multiple San Jose attacks,

At the 14th minute, Jahn takes volleys in a beautiful shot that hits Perkins' crossbar. The ball stayed in play and Chris Wondolowski thought that he had a sure goal off a diving header. Perkins was able to scramble back in time and displays great reflex skills to palm the ball out with his left hand.

Picking up where he left off against Toronto FC, Justin Mapp opens the scoring at the 24th minute. He scores with a long-range shot with his left foot that San Jose goalkeeper Busch would have liked to have back. The Montreal Impact do not dissappoint by hurting its opponent against the run of play for the second time in the game.

We battled hard today and we will be ready for our next game next Wednesday in New York - Justin Mapp, Hero for a day

Early in the second half, Mapp scores his second goal of the game from a tap-in after Andrew Wenger sets him up with a short pass right on front of the goal.

The Earthquakes did not let down though as rookie Adam Jahn's strike ,in the 59th minute, cuts the lead in half.

Finally in injury time, Cronin delivers a shot home from about 20 yards to tie the game.

Under a sweltering heat, Marco Schällibaum rotated his squad while still losing important elements due to injuries (Davy Arnaud not making the trip). Matteo Ferrari played a full 90 minutes and it is great news for the Impact. Next to Hassoun Camara, Ferrari was able to keep Chris Wondolowski at bay while clearing many crosses from the sides.

The midfield did not have Patrice Bernier as a starter but Collen Warner enjoyed his first MLS start in 2013. In a ''flat'' 4-man midfield, Felipe Martins played lower than usual with Justin Mapp and Andres Romero manning the wings. Up front, the Impact continued the 2-striker partnership as Marco Di Vaio played alongside Andrew Wenger.

The frustrating part of this game was the 2 clear chances the Impact ad hto seal the deal. At the 71st minute, Andrew Wenger had a 1-on-1 against Jon Busch but his shot was strong enough to beat the keeper. In the same time, during that play , Sanna Nyassi's run was more confusing than anything else. Never really making himself an option for a tap in, the Gambian international was offside on the whole play.

But the Gambian feeds Felipe Martins two minutes later for another chance to finish off the Quakes. The Brazilian was not able to get enough to beat a rushing Busch.

We let Matteo Ferrari conclude the game

We appreciate your pragmatism sir.