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Montreal Impact still Undecided on Marco Schallibaum

Montreal Impact is still without a coach but do have one contractually. No decision has been made official on whether Marco Schallibaum will be back for another year.

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Marco Schallibaum has probably re-signed with the Montreal Impact or is spending quality time with his family jobless. If he is already updating his CV and Linkedin profile, the Impact might be looking for another replacement as we speak.

But looking at the timeline of the end of season, there is little chance the club has a list of replacements ready to come over for interviews. It does not change the fact that Joey Saputo and Nick De Santis are not totally convinced that Schallibaum is the man to lead them to the promised land.

Taking over Jesse Marsch, Schallibaum was able to take the positive side of the 2012 momentum. Taking advantage of a rested squad and a core of players that knew each other well, the pre-season was flawless for the club. Even if symbolic, winning the Disney Pro Classic could only give a boost to the new head coach.

Winning when it counts was huge for Schallibaum and delivered by winning the 2013 Amway Canadian Championship.

But symbolic pre-season tournaments and the regular season is not enough for the Impact

What worries the Impact the most , and the rest of us, is the free fall described by Nick De Santis, during the post-mortem 10 days ago. But then comes the Blame Game and how much blame each Montreal Impact actor has to admit to in this debacle.

The head coach is the captain of the ship and will be the first person to blame, especially with the horrible end of season slump. It does not get better when you lose 3-0 to the Houston Dynamo in the club's first ever MLS Playoff game.

Do you blame the Head Coach for not doing enough with the team handed to him?

Schallibaum has to take part of the blame. With a winning record in mid-season, the Swiss coach had the chance to rotate the squad and insert younger players. While giving rest to Alessandro Nesta and co., the younger players would have had more significant professional minutes.

By the time they would play later in the season, we would not have had witnessed such a shell shock when they actually played.

Do you blame the Sporting Director for not giving the coach enough players to survive a 34-game season?

Can you really consider Andrea Pisanu, Andres Romero and Sanna Nyassi as viable depth players? Depth does not mean that you have numbers on the bench. It comes down to the quality that you have and how fast can those players pinch in quickly.

Nick De Santis and Matt Jordan have a lot of work in front of them to try and fill gaps in key positions. This recruitement needs to include cost-effective players that can be competitive quickly. But if Schallibaum has no input in the decision process for player procurement, is it even worth it to stay for the adventure?

Bringing in Adrian Lopez and Hernan Bernardello was a great move by De Santis. Unfortunately, injuries killed any momentum that those signings might have.

I think it's fair that the blame has to be distributed equally while being constructive in building a competitive squad, with or without Schallibaum. At this point, the club has not made any official statement on the head coaching position, which does not bode well at all for Schallibaum.

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