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Joey Saputo talks to the fans on : Joey's Blog

Joey Saputo talks to the fans and adds to his social media portfolio , his own personal blog.

Richard Wolowicz

A new web destination was just added to the Montreal Impact portfolio: Joey's Blog

The first blog post for the owner and president of the Montreal Impact details the purpose of the blog while talking about the off-season, the vision of the club and more.

Season Ticket Holders

Throughout the season, the marketing effort has included promoting and thanking the season ticket holders. Always engaging the fans via social media, another layer was added to that ''Mille-Feuille'' of fan experience with the Behind Every Player Is A Supporter campaign.

From the inclusion of season tickets holders in marketing media to promote ticket sales to fan experience videos, the Montreal Impact got that part right after below-expectations sales at Stade Saputo. Changing ticket prices with a more and more present marketing campaign is a boost and a tool in the club's ability to sell the Montreal Impact product, to sell the MLS brand, to sell professional soccer in a Montreal Canadiens focused town.

Off-Season , Expectations and New Training Facility

As you know, missing the playoffs was a disappointment for the club - and for me personally - since I believe that we did not have a 7th place team -- Joey Saputo

The ''Principal Stakeholder's '' expectation were far higher than most fans and followers of the team but the post-mortem of the season is far away. A focus on the future includes an upcoming new training facility for the Montreal Impact.

Our excellent relationship with Fiorentina gave us the opportunity to visit their new training facility, something that we are looking at for the near future.

Business and Soccer mix together as the Post-Season Italy tour gave an opportunity to put the players in a '' 24/7 soccer environment'' . It also gave an opportunity for the club to learn and understand the requirements for a training facility within its own reality.

Where , When and How much for the new Montreal Impact training facility? Knowing the Montreal Impact, a communication about the details of the facility should be coming sooner than later,

The European Model and Best Practices

I eventually want the Impact to be a complete club, with youth teams at every level -- Joey Saputo

I would call it the Rest Of The World Model as pretty much most of the world uses an Academy system to bring up professional players from within, a direct clash with the North American College/Draft model.

After confirming that he met with Jean-Michel Aulas in France, Joey Saputo is looking for best practices in creating an Academy and l'Olympique Lyonnais is definitevely a model to follow. With an already European thinking presence with Phillipe Eulaffroy (Academy Director), the club is in good hands and it is good news to see relations with clubs that are a reference in their respective leagues and in Europe.

Was the Academy (and its use vis a vis the professional team) one of the core issues in the philosophical differences between Saputo/De Santis and Jesse Marsch?

Joey's Blog OR E-Commerce 101 how to enable direct communications with fans, engage them, create a community, give added value with news , insight and more.

Joey Saputo talks to the fans, are you going to ask him questions? What will you ask?