Montreal Impact vs Philadelphia Union Preview: Three Questions with Brotherly Game

Mitchell Leff

We talk to Eugene Rupinski of the Brotherly Game to help us preview the game between the Montreal Impact and the Philadelphia Union.

1) How has the Andrew Wenger-for-Jack McInerney trade worked out for the Union so far?

So far we've been pleased with Andrew. He scored a goal in his debut for us, and that's gone a long way in helping us get past the shock of parting with Jack McInerney. That being said, he's only scored the one goal in the three matches he's played so far - and since he's usually the lone striker in the Union's setup, that's kind of an issue. Also, he missed a sitter last week against Houston, which alludes to the finishing issues you warned of in your article when the trade was made. (Link: It's certainly something we hope doesn't become a recurring theme.

2) With so many changes in the midfield, did John Hackworth find the magic formula?

In some respects yes, others no. The Union midfield is vastly improved over last season. It's no longer moribund and stagnant - there's a lot of attacking prowess and one-touch passing that indicates a very dangerous and technically proficient midfield. That being said, as much as the Philadelphia Union pass, they don't shoot. No one registered a shot on goal against Houston. Whether that's due to players not being put into a position to shoot by those giving the service or the service being there and the shooters not taking the opportunity is a point of debate.

3) Who is the most underrated Philly player up until now?

I don't know how other teams rate him, but I think Vincent Nogueira could be considered an underrated player for the Union. He doesn't seem to get the attention that Maurice Edu does, but he's been an integral - and dangerous - part of the Union attack. His passing has been fun to watch, as he has the skill to open up the field with a well-placed and well-timed through ball.

Lineup and prediction and is Philly Cheese Steak better than Poutine or are both compatible?


MacMath; Gaddis-Okugo-Wheeler-Williams; Carroll-Edu-Nogueira-Maidana-Le Toux; Wenger


The Union have never played well in Montreal, and I don't think that changes this time. 2-1 Impact.

Cheesesteaks vs. Poutine

I've never been to Canada, so my poutine experiences have been less than authentic. Until I have some real poutine, I have to stick with a cheesesteak - wiz wit please.

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