Should Marco Di Vaio's name be among the All-Time MLS Crème de La Crème

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

He has barely played 2 full seasons in Major League Soccer but Marco Di Vaio might be considered among the best and most influential players that has played in MLS.

Marco Di Vaio has taken back the goal scoring lead in MLS after scoring twice against the New England Revolution. With 17 goals, Di Vaio is doing what he does best and he has been doing so throughout his career. Even though Marco Di Vaio is a pure homer when it comes to scoring goals, combine the goal tally to a MLS Playoff spot and you can only say: Mission Accomplished.

I would dare to say almost '' Mission Accomplished '' as both the Montreal Impact and DI Vaio are aiming for the biggest honors that is the MLS Cup.

As per his aspirations (given by me) to be among the best and most influential players in MLS, his longevity in the league will hinder that status. If we are talking MLS history, it's hard to make a case for Marco Di Vaio being one of the best MLS strikers in history.

Talent-wise, he has nothing to envy Carlos Ruiz, Taylor Twellman even though we are talking about prolific strikers. On the long-term, his stats would be never compare to a Jamie Moreno or a Landon Donovan. But what if he plays for a couple of more years, can we compare him to a Juan Pablo Angel type of striker?

Putting statistics on the side, even with a mid-season slump, Di Vaio's talent is apparent and he has been and still is spectacular. This is not a surprise as I followed the Italian striker during his great years at Parma. Everyone knew about his goal scoring abilities but arriving to the MLS at 36-year old was the biggest question mark.

He has proven naysayers wrong and eliminated the doubt from every Impact fan and observer: from the confine of the 514 to the magical land of Cascadia. The talent was always known and when the mind and body came together, it is a beautiful thing to watch Di Vaio do what he does best.

I ask you the question, where does Marco Di Vaio stand in MLS history? Where will he be among Major League Soccer's best strikers?

Add your comments below and start the debate

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