Marco Schallibaum's Last Ejection might have been Honorable but... [Poll]

Marco Schallibaum being ejected is not a shock to anyone. But against D.C. United, Schallibaum went to the defense of his player , Justin Mapp, after a blatant foul by James Riley. Was it honorable enough not to be embarassing for the club, frustrating for the players?

Camera say hello to Mapp, Mapp say hello to camera. James Riley went for a ball in the air and subsequently took with him Justin Mapp. Riley should expect to get something more than just a yellow in subsequent discipline from the MLS disciplinary committee.

But the biggest story is the ejection of both Ben Olsen and Marco Schallibaum. Actually, Schallibaum's ejection is even bigger as the Swiss head coach is going through his 4th ejection from the bench. That would give him an automatic suspension for the Montreal Impact's next game against Houston Dynamo, at Stade Saputo.

The circumstances around the brouhaha are known. Schallibaum naturally went to the rescue of his player, as he saw injustice being done on Mapp. But the rules are clear in MLS:

You cannot leave the technical area onto the field or elsewhere. The MLS Disciplinary committee and referees have been consistent with those decisions.

The line between passion and rage is thin. But we cannot call Marco Schallibaum's behavior to be full of rage and hatred. The passion he has as a player is showing up as the coach also. This is not something that no one knew about the Swiss head coach when he was hired during the last off-season.

I didn't live the victory well. I feel better as they [the players] accepted my excuses. I am not a perfect man , I am human with emotions. Its resolved.

I know that I did a mistake and when you are sorry, it means that it comes from the heart. And I would like that it does happen again

Marco Schallibaum

The coach's mea culpa is a good sign , showing that he can have perspective and is conscious of his actions. Not that they were serious, but the Schallibaum will never be able to shake off this image from the minds of referees. That could play to his and the team's disadvantage.

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