Disney Pro Classic, Vacation Packages Subsidy : The Business Of Pre-Season

Hunter Martin

Appearance fees, sales commissions and subsidized vacation packages are all part of the business side of the Disney Pro Soccer Classic.

Right before Christmas, The Orlando Sentinel shared details on the financial aspect of the Disney Pro Classic, the classic that the Montreal Impact will be attending for the second consecutive year.

An amount of $1 million is being given by the State of Florida to help in bringing 6 MLS teams to the state so those clubs can have their pre-season camps in the Sunshine State.

All 6 teams and you Montreal Impact will be receiving a $30,000 as an appearance fee, an interesting incentive to bring MLS clubs to Central Florida. Vacation Packages subsidies are also part of the Floridian pre-season incentive package. The Montreal Impact can potentially receive from $50 to $125 for each vacation package sold, up to a maximum amount of $75,000.

With great incentives comes great responsibilities and each team has to send

a "head scout" to a six-day "international trials" event, during which unsigned professional players will audition for new deals, as well as a three-day "college combine" . -- Orlando Sentinel

Part of the promotion of the game via requirements for the clubs, the Montreal Impact is required to send 2 starting players and either the head coach or assistant to a ''VIP event'' on Disney premises. Activities will include a ''meet and greet'' with fans and posing for pictures.

It is a very interesting set of incentives to continue to bring in MLS teams to Central Florida and continue to give wings to the Disney Pro Classic. I do not think that the MLS teams are only incited by the money that much as the Montreal Impact only had good comments about the facilities to prepare its 2012 MLS season.


Saturday, February 9th, 2013
3pm: Montreal Impact Vs. Sporting Kansas City

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013
3pm: Tampa Bay Rowdies Vs. Montreal Impact

Saturday, February 16th, 2013
1pm: Montreal Impact Vs. DC United

Saturday, Februrary 23rd, 2013


1pm: Group A: 4TH PLACE Vs. Group B: 4th Place
3pm: Group A: 3rd PLACE Vs. Group B: 3rd Place
6pm: Group A: 2nd Place Vs. Group B: 2nd Place
8pm: Group A: Winner Vs. Group B: Winner

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