Gio's Random Thoughts : Subliminal Messages , '' The Tackle '' and more

HARRISON, NJ - MARCH 31: Justin Mapp #21 of the Montreal Impact is congratulated by his teammates for his goal against the New York Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena on March 31, 2012 in Harrison, New Jersey. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

Welcome to the latest installment of "Gio's Random Thoughts". Every week, I will unleash some observations about what the Impact and the MLS. Some good, some bad, some ugly. So kick back, relax, crack your knucles and enjoy!

* Bernardo Corradi improved the offense but is not fit for a full 90 mins. If he didn't last the full game against the Red Bulls, will he be able to contribute against RSL?

* We have one point after 4 games. We're an expansion team, it's kind of expected. TFC have no points after 3 games. They've been around for 5 years. What's their excuse?

* Donovan Ricketts really needs a new goalie kit. Seriously, it is so bright that it looks fuzzy in HD. Maybe it's a 3D jersey?

* Ricketts had a horrible game against the Red Bulls. Could he be distracted by the brightness of his own jersey?

* Is it time to let Sutton or Bush have a shot between the sticks?

* Does anyone know where Bobby Burling is?

* The Galaxy keep on getting a beating. Can't we send Burling to them for Buddle? Easy there folks, it's only a joke. Allocation $ or a draft pick would do just fine.

* I've officially eaten my words on Justin Mapp. The guy has been clutch the last couple of games. Hope he keeps it up. In case you are wondering, the words tasted like crap. Even with Ketchup.

* Repeat after me... FU-CI-TO... FU-CI-TO... FU-CI-TO!!!

Can we please have him in the starting XI? We saw Nyassi's great play as a 2nd striker with Corradi's quality, it should only continue with Fucito. Give him a chance!!!

* Broken record thought of the day: Justin Braun is a last 20 yards forward. Has to stay out of the midfield. He did it again after he was subbed in against the Red Bulls. Nyassi quickly disappeared.

* I think Andrew Wenger should only practice with the team until he finishes school. As much as we need him on offense, he's continuously falling behind as the season advances. Less and less impact as the season moves forward.

* I'm getting worried for Calum Mallace's confidence. He is practicing as a right back. Against Columbus, Marsch put Arnaud at right back after the Brovsky red. Against the Red Bulls, Marsch put Arnaud there again after subbing Valentin for another forward option. If Arnaud is being removed from being an offensive option, why not put in Mallace who is more suited for the position rather than play the Captain out of position again?

* Repeat after me... Arnaud is not a right back... Arnaud is not a right back...

* The "tackle"

In extra time, at the end of the first half, the referee called a foul on Matteo Ferrari in the box which gave the Red Bulls a penalty which was converted and levelled the game at 2. It also deflated the Impact for the rest of the game. If you watch the video replay, you notice 2 things:

1. Ferrari got the ball.

2. The referee was not in a good position to make the proper call

This was the 2nd week in a row where the Impact were the victims of a horrible call in the box.

The tackles were done by Felipe and Ferrari, two players who have made their living in Europe.

These kind of tackles happen 5-6 times per game in Europe. Time for the MLS to make their refs catch up to the rest of the world.

* If the refs keep up these awful calls, Joey and Nick may no longer be allowed to watch the games. Doctor's orders. Not good for their blood pressure.

* Attention TVA Sports and RDS. Can you please have a Nick-Cam or a Joey-Cam for the Impact games?

Set them up with a microphone and make a special show. However, due to potential language, you may have to run the show after 11pm.

* On Thierry Henry's 3rd goal of the game, which he scored from an off side position, the TSN commentator said:

"When the ball is hit by Kenny Cooper, look at the position of Henry. Just when Kenny Cooper hits the ball, yes he is but it's very difficult for the referee's assistant to make that call."

REALLY? Difficult? Did the assistant miss ‘Offside Rule day' in ref school?


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