Jesse Marsch at TFC rumours: Talk with Patrick Friolet of RDS and more

Jean-Yves Ahern-US PRESSWIRE

A rumour came out on twitter that Jesse Marsch is in talk with Toronto FC for the head coaching position. We talk to Patrick Friolet of RDS and look at the reaction around the MLS Twitter-Sphere.

Patrick Friolet of RDS tweets the following

If you don't understand french yet, shame on you. Joking aside, I interviewed Patrick Friolet a few hours later on Soccer Sans Frontières and you can listen to the show directly on the site or via Stitcher.

Why should we care?

Jesse Marsch is not with the Montreal Impact anymore and Toronto FC is...... Toronto FC. Marsch is still the Montreal Impact's first ever MLS head coach and is part of the club's history. A very likeable person in the eye of the media and fans, a move to Toronto FC might even ignite a bigger rivalry between Montreal and Toronto. Rumours are also indicating that Marsch is talking with Chivas USA but the club seems to be going towards the Mexican coach, Jose Luis Sanchez Sola via The Goat Parade.

About Jesse Marsch potentially joining TFC

It would be quite a scenario for Montreal Impact fans -- Patrick Friolet

Factors that might be aligning for Marsch

Coincidence or not, a certain Justin Braun has joined Toronto FC [....].. A lot is in place that could facilitate a Jesse Marsch integration in Toronto -- Patrick Friolet.

Confirmations and Denials

A few confirmations and de-confirmations have been tweeted out by different reporters and journalists that cover Toronto FC and/or MLS in general. This puts some cloud and confusion around the actual credibility of the initial news but it might also confirm that talks probably happened.

Jeff Carlisle


Gerry Dobson of Sportsnet shows his curious side

Patrick Friolet makes the Payne-Marsch link via Marsch's mentor, Bob Bradley

During his first presse conference as President and General Manager, Kevin Payne did talk about looking for more character and attitude in a player; something that aligns perfectly with a Jesse Marsch philosophy.

We need players with character. Character is the basis of a winning team
-- Kevin Payne

You can follow our friends at Waking The Red for the Toronto side of the Jesse Marsch rumor to Toronto.

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